Journal: Tuesday, October 20, 2020

In Personal

Another rundown today:

  1. A couple work meetings in the morning. I’m currently allocated about 70% of my time to my main product, 25% to another, and a remaining 5% to a third. These meetings revolved around those two secondary projects. I was partly added to these secondary projects because the lead scientist on both of them had planned to out (for family/personal reasons) for a couple months. But ultimately, he came back to work sooner than expected (albeit from the Indian time zone).
  2. A technical product manager workgroup meeting in the afternoon. I’m not really sure what our current TPM does, other than host these monthly meetings. My team’s last TPM at least had better optics.
  3. 4-mile pre-core warmup run around the block.
  4. Steph’s core power hour. This time with floor sweeps (which didn’t happen easily). Suppy and I tried to do this on my rug, and with my bamboo paper towels acting as low-friction saucers. (In the end, Suppy kind of got this to work on a small area of my hardwood floor not covered by my rug.)

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