Journal: Wednesday, June 3, 2020

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Quarantine Day 78. It’s Global Running Day today. Strangely, it’s World Bicycle Day today, too.

Not too much happened today, other than

  • A tour of the Slow Streets Oakland streets near my apartment. Ever since its announcement a month or so ago, I’ve wanted to explore these no-thru-traffic streets. I finally got to do so today. And while the first couple miles were pretty OK, I was surprised to see both sides of Colby Street lined with the names of black people killed by police over the past few years. It definitely sent a powerful message.
  • There was no happy hour meetup at work today. Only Kristen and I showed up. I had to drop off early anyway, since I had deployment issues to solve.
  • The annual LMJS banquet was supposed to happen today. Unlike previous years, we were going to have it outdoors, in Tilden, this year. We also had a nationally renown ultra-runner booked on a flight to speak with us this year, too. Of course, all that was cancelled. Rather, we just had the awards ceremony section through Zoom. It was nice to see and hear from star volunteers, and to see club members who I’d usually not ever meet. But it was not the same.
  • I opened my first pull request ever on Github. Actually, I’ve wanted to contribute to other projects, especially non-profit (and more recently COVID-related) projects, for a long time. But I’ve never made the time to do it.

    In this case, the project I contributed to isn’t either an open-source library I use regular nor a non-profit at all — but rather a backpacking project. It’s kinda funny, but maybe fitting — for all the time and effort I’ve spent studying and writing machine learning code in R and Python, my first PR is in TypeScript. I hope it’ll get reviewed and merged in soon!


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