Journal: Saturday, February 1, 2020

In Personal, Travel

It feels surreal to be traveling abroad, to another hemisphere, again so soon. I haven’t even posted photos from my last several days in Myanmar and Vietnam.

On one hand, this trip feels rushed. The last 3 weeks since I’ve been back have been eventful, and a bit stressful (as expected). I haven’t had much downtime where I’ve had the energy to think or plan this trip.

On other hand, I’m reminded of the past few times I’ve not laid out meticulous plans. In particular, I remember wandering the streets of Meguro (a neighborhood in Tokyo) to watch salarymen and families go about their lives. It was a rare chance for me to enjoy having nothing on the docket, after back-to-back marathons and several hundreds of miles of ground travel.

At least for the first few days in Auckland where I have nothing planned, I hope I’ll have a similar experience…

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