Journal: Monday, April 27, 2020

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Quarantine Day 41. After my half-successfully, half-fail attempt to run from home to Diablo on Sunday, I got on a video chat with Christie (these kinds of 1-1 non-work video chats and phone calls are definitely a hallmark of the Virus Age — I’ve never done so many, so close before!)

During the call, I took a look at my work schedule for this coming week. Lots of meetings on Monday, some meetings on Tuesday, lots of meetings on Wednesday, not too much on Thursday (as usual), and not many on Friday (actually quite unusual). As I’ve become more entrenched in the team, while taken more responsibility, the number of meetings I go to have increased (actually, there’s always something happening in the company so I can always find a meeting if I want to go, but these are meetings where I’m actually contributing or presenting something.)

Incidentally, I’m starting to like going to more meetings. Another artifact of the Virus Age, I suppose. Or, perhaps, it’s because everyone’s supposed to be stressed out and anxious, everyone’s just a little more relaxed and the bar is a little lower (Not that I’m lowering my bar for my work, anyway.)

So anyway, that was my day today. A 9am 1-1 with my boss to go over my vision, values, methods, objectives and metrics for the next fiscal year. Followed by a relatively long team standup, a planning session where I presented my team’s user stories and capacity estimates for the next release to the broader product and engineering team, and a broader data science team meeting.

I ended up not going to a lunchtime tech talk to get some work done. I was also very close to missing a now-weekly machine learning engineering task force meeting. But to my mild surprise and non-surprise, it was cancelled at the last minute.

The only two other notable things that happened today: finishing Haruki Murakami’s What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, and an early evening bread delivery from Dave N.

I enjoyed Murakami’s book enough to type up and annotate quotes that I had bookmarked. I’ll probably include a review at the end of that post later.

As for Dave’s bread, he told me that loaf he gave me should last me a week. I got it around 5:30pm. The loaf made it to just after 11:30pm, when I went to sleep.

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