Journal: Monday, June 1, 2020

In Personal

Quarantine Day 76. Because of the 8pm curfew, I now have to run in the morning. This morning, I decided that I needed to go finally run around the Pixar campus in Emeryville.

Other than this, today was a pretty normal day. Mostly forgettable. One real moment today happened when my boss thought that my code did something that it doesn’t, and was a little unhappy. But I’m glad I jumped in before our PM started telling customers that our product does something it currently doesn’t.

There were a couple things I didn’t mention yesterday. Because I was at home, I attended both the LMJS weekly Zoom as well as game night with John and Tammy.

Other than celebrating Ed’s 100K accomplishment and highlighting the annual party on Wednesday (June 3rd, Global Running Day), topics ranged quite a bit as usual.

As for game night, the three of us very quickly agreed to try something different. This time, it was Mario Kart on mobile. My review? It’s OK, and entertaining for a bit. But the novelty wears off fast, and I don’t feel particularly motivated to get better at it (at least without a solid circle of friends who want to play it regularly).

Can’t believe it’s June already.

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