Journal: Thursday, May 28, 2020

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Quarantine Day 72. I’m playing whack-a-bug at work. It’s not the worst (i.e. stuff breaks in production and no one knows why), but it’s definitely not the best either. It’s just that things that I thought would break maybe one time out of a million are breaking, and they’re all breaking at the same time. As one coworker pointed out: “if our dataset has 6 million rows, we should expect that one-in-a-million bug 6 times.” lol

One crappy-ish part about all this is that everything just has to work before a deploy-to-prod. There’re enough safeguards in place, and enough wheels that have to spin across the globe, that deployments require multiple hands on deck for up to a full day to complete. It’s not particularly agile, and it’s definitely continuous deployment, but it is what it is. Testing just has to be that much more thorough… now, back to work.

Oh, I should also add that the Boston Marathon was cancelled today. Up until today, I held out hold that they’d still hold the marathon on September 14th (an the already-postponed date), with some kind of COVID mitigation measures. But I think in the end, it was all too much. I don’t think anyone is surprised that it’s gone this year, for the first time in its 124-year history (which saw it held through two world wars and another major pandemic).

After getting the email in the morning, I was disappointed. But I’m kinda numb to this kind of news now. It is what it is. It’s not something I can control. The only silver lining is that everyone’s rolled over to next year. This was not guaranteed previously (when participants were offered either to run in September or get a refund with no deferral). Still, I was the closest to crying over any cancelled race today. The shine and excitement is gone.

I can only hope I’ll be as excited to run it next as I was this year.

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