Journal: Monday, April 20, 2020

In Personal, Running

I’m feeling sad. And a bit embarrassed. I’m embarrassed because with everything that’s happening right now, with people losing their livelihoods and others losing their lives, I’ve got no reason to be selfishly sad.

But I’m sad anyhow. I was supposed to be celebrating three years of work in Boston today, starting with my first qualification attempt at Santa Rosa in 2017, to my first BQ at Ottawa 2018 (which ultimately didn’t make the final cutoff) to my first sub-3 marathon (and real BQ) last July near Seattle. This would’ve been my first Boston Marathon.

The official stance by the Boston Athletic Association is that the race will still be held this year, on September 14th.

While I’ll hope that’s the case, there’s no guarantee that there’ll even be races by this time next year.

In the meantime, there’s one thing that’s reliably helped me get through sad times, and one that always makes me feel incredibly lucky no matter what.

Time for a run.

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