Journal: Monday, October 26, 2020

In Personal

A lot happened today. But I’d like to write this entry quickly. Here’s a rundown of some highlights:

  • It was my team’s turn to present a deep dive during our weekly meeting today. Because so much of my time recently has revolved around customer support, I took the lead in presenting details of our latest case, and tools and lessons that we’ll be taking from it.
  • I found out today that now that Ironworks is open for climbing, Suppy and Jon will be visiting every other day. For better or for worse, I found out after a 4-mile “pre-yoga” warmup. For better, because I’d love to go climbing more often. And for worse, because we’ll miss Steph’s weekly core class tomorrow!
  • In light of that, Suppy suggested that we do core today. Off-schedule. Because I wasn’t expecting it… today’s core session was nowhere near my best.


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