Journal: Tuesday, October 27, 2020

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I visited San Francisco for the second time in 5 days! This time, I went to see my optometrist.

For the most part, the visit was smooth. There were as many staff there as usual, though I was the only patient due to COVID restrictions (apparently, if I didn’t show, I would’ve been charged $75!). The assistant who conducted my intake was as cute as I think I remember her (from last December!). And I saw the same optometrist as last year (though I was given a choice of which optometrist to see when I called to make my appointment).

The only difference, I think, was the eye pressure test. Because of COVID, the usual “eye puff” machine couldn’t be used. So the optometrist had to put numbing drops into my eyes, and poke my eye manually.

In the end:

  1. my vision’s remained mostly the same from last year, with some minor decline in my left eye, despite staying indoors so much;
  2. I got the OK to keep wearing my 2-year-old eyeglasses for indoor use (but not for driving); and
  3. I ordered only a limited supply of contacts, since it’ll be unlikely that I’ll be using very many this upcoming year.

After visiting the optometrist, I got a burrito then wandered around Justin Herman Plaza, across the street from the Embarcadero and SF waterfront. As I wandered, I thought about all the time I used to spend there, and how once upon a time, I’d go run 4 miles out and back every Tuesday night with SF Runs. I wondered if I’d ever go back to that routine again.


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