Journal: Monday, October 12, 2020

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Just over one week ago, I got home from Beveridge, all the way out in the Inyos, between Owens Valley and Saline Valley.

Just over two weeks ago, I ran 31 miles, along the Skyline 50K route, for my birthday.

Just over three weeks ago, I ran a “virtual Boston marathon,” along the Bay Trail.

Oh, I can keep going.

About five weeks ago, I went backpacking in the Hoover Wilderness over the Labor Day weekend. Seven weeks ago, I hiked up Clouds Rest from Tenaya Lake, in Yosemite. And the weekend before that, eight weeks ago, I went on my first ever backpacking trip, to the Emigrant Wilderness.

Literally the only two weekends where pretty much nothing happened was (1) four weeks ago, after coming back from a 4-day group trip to Yosemite, and (2) this past weekend.

Suffice it to say that it’s been a quite an eventful late summer, one that’d almost rival a non-pandemic year in stuff happening.

My manager’s asked us to take every other Friday off through the end of the year, as “Reflection Days.” Days that we can take to recharge. The next one: this Friday, October 16.

One way I recharge is by disconnecting in the wilderness. So today, I called the Bridgeport Ranger Office to ask if the Hoover Wilderness (in the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest) would be open this weekend (all national forests were closed a few weeks ago due to “extraordinary fire hazard”).

But, I think it might be time to take a break.

After coming back from Beveridge Ghost Town last week, I took almost a week off from running, yoga, and pretty much everything except work, reading, and watching clips of Star Trek: Voyager. Even after only short runs this past weekend, and relatively light (albeit ashtanga) yoga today with Suppy, my body still feels tired.

I’ll give myself another restful weekend. I’d like to finish writing my birthday writeup. I’ll be better able to go backpacking again another Reflection Day weekend. In two weeks. 🙂

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Nick G 2022-12-04 Reply

Thanks for digitizing the log books from those two cabins in the Inyo! It was fun to see the entries I (and others) wrote in them so long ago. I can see that it took quite a bit of time to photograph all those pages. The images are clear, lighting is good, and the writing is, as a result, quite legible! With appreciation, Nick

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