Journal: Friday, October 16, 2020

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Today is a “Reflection Day” for my team. This means that we can take the day off for wellness. But because this wasn’t an org-wide Reflection Day, there were a couple meetings that I had to attend.

The most notable meeting was the earliest. Because of yet another reorg, I was asked to present an overview of my product team to the new org that my functional team’s joined. The main pieces that I needed to present this time included an actual demo of my product and more up-to-date MAO/MAU states (now that my product’s gone GA).

For the demo, I opted to embed a couple videos previously recorded when my product went GA: one demo-ing administrative setup, and one demo-ing the end user experience. I had some thoughts about doing a live demo… but in the end, the effort-to-payoff ratio seemed too high, especially for the amount of risk that a live demo would entail. (Interestingly, the example topic used in the demo concerned returning shoes, which matched the example that my boss coincidentally cited when teeing my team’s slate of presentations).

For the stats, I ended up writing new queries and code, which I didn’t initially expect to do. Unfortunately, one thing I’ve learned is that even in more established companies (vs at a startup), the problem of logs and dashboards lying around everywhere isn’t solved (and in fact, even worse!).

In the process of putting together these stats, I learned some new things. On the technical side, it turns out that because my engineering colleagues had implemented some new loglines, I now had a lot more query optimization options available. On the product side, it turns out that my definition for Monthly Active Orgs and Monthly Active Users differed from what my product manager had in mind!

Now I have more work cut out for me to update my team’s product analytics code to accommodate both technical and product-related changes. 🙂


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