Living Alone

In Personal

As we continue to stay at home, I know that many people have gone, or are going, stir-crazy. Cabin fever, if you will.

I think it’s especially worse living alone.

For a time, I couldn’t decide which was worse: being stuck with a roommate/spouse/kid, or being alone. Now, I think the scale is beginning to tip toward the latter.

It’s funny to think that my days of being mostly introverted are way behind me. While I’ve enjoyed the solitude and social freedom that the pandemic has afforded, I want to go back to a full gym, hang out with friends, have dinner and board game parties, run and cycle in big groups (without masks), etc. Of course, I want (need?) to do all this in person.

Life doesn’t feel very fun without others. It kinda loses its point.

Time to go to sleep now, I guess.

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