Sunday, October 18, 2020

In Personal

Not much happened today, except my normal routine of getting groceries from Berkeley Bowl, and Touchstone Live Fitness yoga with Sam (the instructor) and Suppy (my neighbor) in the evening. I also started cleaning up some old textbooks and course readers.

Other notes:

  • I’ve started playing Starcraft 2 again (after some 10 years!). I started playing again this past week with Suppy and Nick. Ian also joined us last night (Ian lives with Nick. I climbed with him earlier during summer, at Silverado Mine, in Mt. St. Helena). Because of this, I ended up sleeping just before 2AM — the latest I’ve gone to sleep for a non-work, non-race reason in a long time. 😛
  • I haven’t been attending the weekly 4PM LMJS Zoom call. Participation’s unfortunately dropped off, and now that I’m on the board, I’m on already more calls with LMJS. In the broader picture, though, I’m definitely joining fewer Zoom calls, especially ones that include some kind of slide deck (e.g. SF Runs, for better or for worse). It feels too much like work.
  • Finally, I nominated and voted for Dark City for Avi’s Monday Movie Night. Its opening narration was sampled some random cyberpunk track I heard, and I was intrigued.

That’s all for today! FIN.

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