New Years Resolutions 2013

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  1. Read more fiction. This is one of those nostalgic luxuries I never thought I’d miss when I was in high school.
    1. Read at least one fiction piece per month.
    2. Post thoughts before, during and after reading.
  2. Go outside. Sad but true — some days, I actually don’t go outside, and instead stand in front of a glowing screen literally all day even when eating.
    1. Spend at least half an hour a day outside.
    2. Go on at last one hike this year. This has been on my last for the better part of last year (last hike was in April 2011, in the Angeles Forest), and my recent hike up Huayna Picchu, Peru, really cements my resolve to do this. Hopefully this resolve lasts through the year.
  3. Take care of my hair/skin. This one actually stems from a meet-up with a friend in Japan, who was aghast at my nonchalant attitude toward skincare!
    1. Wear sunscreen whenever possible, especially when sunny but also when overcast.
    2. Moisturize. The sunscreen will probably do this for me.
    3. Keep warm when possible.
  4. Visit more museums. This one’s always been deceptively easy. Easy because I hold museums and art galleries in high regard and always visit them when travelling. Deceptive because when I’m not travelling (i.e. most of the year), I put off going.
    1. Visit the Getty at least twice. Sad that I have to put this down even though the Getty is visible from my roof of my workplace.
    2. Visit the Getty Villa in Malibu. Last time I visited was over six years ago during senior year of high school for AP Art History!
    3. Buy that drawing Steph and I have wanted to buy, from Giant Robot 2, ever since we saw it over half a year (?) ago.
    4. (optional) Visit the California Science Center. Last time was probably in middle school. But science centers for children never get old… if they keep up-to-date. 🙂
    5. (optional) Try a LA tour bus. This will be fun as a local, heh. There’s a lot about LA that I’m ignorant of.
  5. Get fit. What New Years Resolutions list doesn’t have this one???
    1. Complete the Insanity workout by May 15.
    2. Run a 21:00 5K by Sept 1. High school personal record was 18:21.
    3. Stop eating when no longer hungry. I am happy that I was mostly successful at achieving this last year. The objective is to continue; despite doing this for months, it’s still sometimes difficult to maintain when I’m stressed.
    4. Take the stairs when possible (i.e., when I’m not late or going to be late to something). I’m also happy that I was able to do this perhaps 80-90% (hopefully not an overestimate) of the time in 2012, and is probably the only 2012 resolution I was able to consistently maintain. The objective is to maintain this habit through 2013 and beyond.
  6. Get something or say something nice to Steph and family members whenever, and more importantly, to keep work and home separate. The resolution is to build a habit of doing this, which is something that tends to take a backseat to study or work (so… pretty much always). This resolution might be the most difficult to keep consistent, of all.

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