Journal: Thursday, October 22, 2020

In Personal

I look forward to every Thursday. While my schedule is often filled with meetings on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, I rarely have any on Thursdays. It’s an awesome org-wide policy.

Anyway, this break allowed me to finish fixing a couple bugs, test them, and submit them for review. These bugs were originally low in priority. But during an analysis I completed earlier this week, I found that they were major contributors to a problem that a customer saw.

I also got in a nice tempo run around the Aquatic Park (where I saw a brown pelican!).

Finally, I went to the dentist for a cleaning today. They texted me when they re-opened in August, but they texted me again today (partly, I think, because they had someone cancel and they were looking for people overdue for an appointment to fill in).

Overall, a pretty good, productive day.


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