Tamalpa Headlands 50K 2018

In Running, Race

Today was brutal. I thought it’d be tough. But not this tough. It was fun up until mile 11-12. After that, it was cramp-fest, tons of walking, and lots of sitting and waiting for my legs to hopefully be usable again. But at least my knee didn’t bother me. And at least I finished. Plus, I got to start a race from a beach, climb a ladder in the middle of a race, and finish a race with sound of waves crashing behind me — all for the first time!

Didn’t think my first time running the Marin Headlands ever would be like this (the views really are unparalleled). I’m hoping that I’ll have a better time running these same trails in November (but with 19 more miles and 3000+ more feet of gain)!

Gun Time: 5:46:40
Overall: 22/~200

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