Giant Race San Francisco 2018

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Chip Time: 1:24:19 (6:26 min/mile). New PR!!!
Overall 34/2784. M25-29: 8/153. Men: 32/1321.
Bib #2395. 6.5 mile time: 40:42 (6:15 min/mile).

OK, first draft — Initial reactions!

1. I’m surprised. I’m sad. I’m relieved. I’m happy.

2. Surprised: I didn’t expect to PR today. I haven’t been feeling my best since Ottawa in May, and training has been just so inconsistent. So I was surprised by how good I felt in the early miles, and by seeing 1:24 on the clock when I entered the stadium at the end.

3. Sad: I could’ve done better. I always think I can do better after any race. But, in today’s case, it turns out that my route-finding was just screwed up. I ran almost 13.5 miles! I would’ve broken 1:24, maybe even 1:23, today if I had run something closer to a true 13.1. I’m almost certain this had to do with the how congested the road became when half-marathon returnees rejoined the back end of the 10K. There was supposed to be a lane for “fast runners” but that lane was just uselessly blocked. This led to a quite a bit of dodging and weaving. Oh well. Part of the experience, I suppose (the event was otherwise pretty well-run).

4. Relieved. I’m more confident about Chicago next month. I’m not taking anything for granted though; the marathon is a different beast.

5. Happy. I’ve run quite a few races this year. I’ve enjoyed most of them. But perhaps I’ve enjoyed this one the most so far. Not because I felt at home on these streets (though that helps), but because of Claire, Zeke, Linda, Zhamal, Lucy, Kelly and Sean, Liz and Jesse, Marc and Alex, Marie, Leonard, and the support and friendship of all of SF Runs.


Maybe more later. Maybe on how my pacing strategy went straight out the door at the starting gun (leading me to start with one of my fastest 5K’s in recent memory), breaking down after 10 miles, why I ran with a bloody gash on my left leg, running with torn-up shoes, and the possibility that I might try racing the Alameda Half next Sunday!

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