Alameda Running Festival 2018: A New PR!

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Chip Time: 1:22:54 (6:19 min/mile).
Another PR!!! First back-to-back PR weeks ever.

Start Time: 7:10:39AM. Gun Time: 1:22:57.
Overall: 12/558. M20-29: 6/46. Men: 10/281.

A couple nights ago, I confided to a friend: if I didn’t PR today, I’d be sad. When I said that, it occurred to me that I couldn’t remember the last time I had made PR-ing a goal (outside of BQ attempts). Sure, when I started running last year, PRs came often, and they were realistic goals. But up to last weekend, I thought that even hitting my times from last year would be hard (given my lack of rigor in training). I was prepared to be disappointed. But I had committed.

Today’s race marks the first time I’ve not only broken 1:24, but also 1:23!!! It was a bona fide PR attempt (which I’ll detail in some notes to be posted later). All in all, last week’s race was fun. Today’s race was work. When Scott and Liz asked me how I felt at the finish line, the only answer that came to mind: This hurt!

I expect my next two races (the Chicago Marathon in 3 weeks, and Marine Corps Marathon in 6 weeks) to feel much the same: now that I’m more confident that I “still got it,” PR goals are now once again in play. Yikes!!! Rest assured, I’ll be working for those achievements!


Currently in progress.

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