Run In The New Year Half Marathon 2018

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Not my best day, but not my worst either. This one definitely hurt more than I wanted it to. 5th race in the past 6 weeks at every distance!!! — 10K, full marathon, 4.5 mile relay leg, 5K, and today’s half! MADE IT TO 1500 MILES THIS YEAR!!!

The Box Score

December 30, 2018. 8:00AM Start. Bib #2099. 
Gun & Chip Time: 1:24:01 (6:25 min/mile).
Overall: 4/164. Male: 3/74. Men 25-29: 1/11.

Thoughts! Literally.

The Night Before:

  • “I shouldn’t be eating so much.”
  • “I shouldn’t be eating so much hotpot.”
  • “I might regret eating so much chili tomorrow.”
  • “I might regret staying out until almost midnight.”

The Morning Of:

  • “It’s so cold!”
  • “I wonder if they’ll have gear check.”
  • “I wonder if anyone fast’ll show up!”


  • “Why are they making us do squats to warm up before a footrace?”
  • “The staff are all so friendly!” (They held our race shirts and checked my sister’s and my gear without an official gear check.)

Looking around the Starting Line:

  • “Oh, there’s actually quite a few people here!” (Last year, there were 46 half-marathon runners — this year, there were 164!
  • “OK… looks like there’re some serious runners here.”
  • “That woman has some seriously intimidating abs. Are you serious?”

The Start:

  • “I’m starting too fast.”
  • “I shouldn’t be the first one out the gate.”
  • “I don’t think I can hold a sub-5 pace for 13.1 miles.”

Mile 1:

  • “Dang it, high school volunteers, get off the road!”

Miles 2.0-2.3:

  • “I’m in third. But the two people in front of me are so far! I don’t know where to go!”
  • “The course isn’t marked! What the heck!?” (I did pick the correct turn in the road.)

Past the 10K Turn-Around Point:

  • “Where is the turn-around point for the half marathon!?”

On The First Return Trip (i.e. Miles 4-6):

  • “This feels easier than going out. Is there elevation on this boardwalk? Seriously?”
  • “Shoot, someone’s catching up.”
  • “Crap, that guy’s passing me.”
  • “Dang it, so sad I can’t hold this pace for another 6 miles. Man!!!”

On the Second Time Out (i.e. Miles 7-9):

  • “Well, there’s the finish line. But time to go back out for a second jog!”
  • “This isn’t going to be fun. Hope no one else catches me.”
  • “Am I really going 7-minute miles?”

On the Second Return Trip (i.e. Miles 10-Finish):

  • (right after the turnaround) “Shoot, there’re so many people right behind me!”
  • “OK, time to hit the gas on the slight decline on the way back.”
  • “Yeah, I’ve got no energy to give you a high five. Sorry not sorry.”
  • “Wait, my heart rate is WAY too high! Can I hold it? Only 2 miles left! I’ve got to!”
  • “So many 5K/10K runners! At least there’s still space to maneuver…”

The Finish:

  • “Wait, I thought I wasn’t going to beat 1:25 at my slow-ass pace.”
  • “Hey! It’s Chris!!! And his brother Matt! They came!”
  • “Wow, I’m glad that’s over.”
  • “Why does my watch say 13.0 miles? Man!”


  • “That hurt way too much.”
  • “I need to get new racing shoes or socks. I can’t believe I’m getting another blister under my foot. BOTH FEET.”
  • “I need to wash all this sand out of my shoes ASAP. Don’t want more blisters! This sucks!”
  • “What’s this other prize. Oh, some chiropractor coupon. Very funny to give that to the top three male/female winners.”

Now I get to rest just a little bit. Upcoming races:

  • January: Hot Chocolate 15K.
  • February: FOURmidable 50K.
  • March: Napa Valley Marathon!


Run In The New Year Half Marathon 2018 1
Not sure what was on my mind. Usually I’m not so smiley walking up to a start line…
Run In The New Year Half Marathon 2018 2
Still too smiley.
Run In The New Year Half Marathon 2018 3
Those 5 in the front were also the top 5 finishers, I think, haha. That woman on the far left? From Carenware’s follow-up email…

“Congratulations to the age division winners! We had the pleasure of a lot of international participating from Iceland, Canada, Scotland, etc. Pictured here , our overall winner in the Half Marathon was a FEMALE! Blazing a blistering, world class pace of 5:42 per mile, meet SashaGollish, a 37 year running phenom from Canada. This world ranked Triathlete family from Scotland are decedents of the William Wallace Clan we endear from the movie, Braveheart. They definitely have brave hearts! And Anna Berglind Pálmadóttir, came all the way from Iceland. She wanted to let you know that what you thought was a ‘chilly’ morning made her smile to be enjoying a So Cal winter !”
Run In The New Year Half Marathon 2018 4
Running friends and family. 🙂
Run In The New Year Half Marathon 2018 5
Why am I getting an award from a penguin?
Run In The New Year Half Marathon 2018 6
I’d be scratching my head too.

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