Double Dipsea 2019

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Wow. Definitely a unique experience, and maybe one I wasn’t really in the mindset, or shape, for this year. But of course, I’m still glad I did it. Type 2.25 fun, maybe. Will probably post more notes later this week.

Chip Time: 2:32:10 (11:06 min/mile). Gun Time: 2:32:19.
Overall: 82/706. M18-39: 39/133. Male: 76/412.

I started with a handicap of 61 minutes at 8:01am.
I passed a net of (706-133)-82 = 491 runners? (Where do I find the handicapped finishing results?)

First Half: 1:14:42 (10:54 min/mile). Place: 96.
Second Half: 1:17:27 (11:18 min/mile). Place: 74.

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