Woodmonster 2019

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Great “recovery” run, local runner meetup, and celebration of local trail running today. Also, loved the course so much I had to eat some of it on Chown. 😀

Easier course, of course, than the past couple years, with almost half of the actual Woodmonster segment cut, due to construction on Stream. But there was also no way I could avoid hiking a huge section of it. 🙂

Surprisingly, I did move up 2 spots (out of 25) from 7th to 5th in the Men’s Open division of the Triple Crown (and NOT because two runners dropped!). I think that, after Jack & Jill, I want to really shift back to focusing on trail running. I’m not as fast now on the trail now; I’d like to start placing again.

That said, this is the last year I’ll be starting with the Men’s 19-29 group, 36 minutes after the Women 65+ and Men 75+ group. Can’t believe I’m already aging up so soon after I’ve started running.

Heh, I haven’t even written anything for the Double Dipsea last week. But I dunno, maybe I’ll write more about today’s race first, later?

Select Quotes:

  • “You need to look up the definition of ‘taper’ in a dictionary.” –Doug, on me running a 20-miler yesterday with 2/3 of it at MP.
  • “That warm-up has no benefit!” –Adam, on my super late “warmup”.
  • “Aren’t you going to roast in those?” –Jenn, on my knee-high compression socks + knee braces.
  • “I thought I was supposed to leave [the course markers] up!” –Jenn, on sweeping the course, when Christine, the RD, checked in with her.
  • “This is a very friendly race.” –Matt, casually chatting mid-race with two Australian visitors, after I say hi to him, while passing him on-course.
  • “Good job!”, “Keep it up!” – me, to fellow runners, after totally blanking on names because no blood’s going to my brain anymore.
  • “OH SHOOT!” –random guy I had just passed on Chown, then promptly fell forward.
  • “FUCK YEA! CRUSH THIS SHIT!” –random guy I passed on rocky switchback down Orchard.
  • “Aw man, all the watermelon’s gone!!! We had so much this morning!” –Chris, after coming back to the food, from volunteering at the timing tent.

Bib 496. Gun-to-chip time: 1:12:43.2
Actual time place: 16/233 (just beating out a 61-year-old guy, Bradford Bryon, i.e. the first place finisher, by 3.8 seconds).
Age Group Place (M19-29): 6/14 (placing after all the usual suspects).
Handicapped Place (36 min handicap): 55/233.

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