Holiday Hustle VI: Checking out the Alameda holiday decor (38 control points)

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Second “urban orienteering” event I’ve participated in this year! Unfortunately arrived some 10 minutes after the race started, and after plotting out my route, headed out the door 19 minutes after the official start time.

1st place finished in just over 53 minutes (or some 8:32 min/mile) for the 10K distance (i.e. the minimum theoretical distance required if an optimized route is run). Navigating and finding all the control points that fast boggles my mind. I ended up running an additional 0.6 miles from overshooting some of the control points (with 38 total points), with lots of stopping to re-orient myself.

Helped break down the staging area afterward. Then had schnitzel with Rex (the organizer) and some of the core participants. I might do more orienteering-type events next year. It’s definitely a pretty different experience! 🙂

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