Tilden Tough Ten 2019: SUB-70!*

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Dunno if I’m going to write a novel for this one, but this one’s also going to be a memorable one, especially with (1) the threat of lightning storms, (2) the last-minute course change (hence the asterisk), (3) the fast field, (4) the incredibly amazing feeling of finishing this course so strongly with zero problem at all, and (5) hearing so many friends cheer me on, by name, almost every other minute of this race.

Now that I’ve finally broken my main goal for this race, on my 3rd try, I think I can finally be satisfied, especially now that I’ve gotten to where I am before moving on to 30. I had so much FOMO this morning, missing out on Bay to Breakers; I’ll be giving TTT a break next year.

Race report inbound later (I hope!).

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