Oakland Turkey Trot 2019!

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Race Day: Thursday, November 28, 2019. Bib: 3441.
Gun/Chip Time: 18:29 (5:57 min/mile)
Overall: 9/3328. M30-34: 4/206. Men: 9/1412.

Decided to do a turkey trot this year. It was fun… but eh, not sure if I’d want to race one every year. 🙂 If I do race a Turkey Trot next year, though, I think I’d like to try the Piedmont course (SF seems too far; I already didn’t want to wake up for an 8:30 race… 8:30!!!) — definitely thankful there’s no shortage of races to choose from, and such a vibrant running community to partake.

Race-wise, I didn’t feel like I had the same conditioning and mental determination that I had at my one and only other 5K this year (my 17:42 at the Morgan Hill 4th of July race — which also had a flatter course), but I think my performance today was acceptable. 🙂

Course seemed long, given my past experience racing Lake Merritt (though ironically, I think this is the first year I haven’t run a race around Lake Merritt after years of doing so). This was confirmed by multiple people’s GPS afterward; a race official even asked me what distance I got! Oh well. 🤷‍♂️

The only problem being that now I’m not sure if I should benchmark my 5K now at 17:49, assuming correct GPS, or at 18:29, my actual finish time, for fitness purposes — those are two very different times 😬. That said, I knew that I was unlikely to run an optimal line as soon as I started, since the running lane was so wide, and it was unclear where the course was measured. I definitely have a new-found appreciation for the near-perfect accuracy of the LMJS monthly 4th Sunday Lake Merritt 5K!

Anyways, nap time now. “Feast mode” tonight. Happy Thanksgiving!


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