Berkeley Half Marathon 2017

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Chip Time: 1:25:55 (6:34 min/mile)
Overall: 72/4039. Men: 67/2251. M25-29: 14/429.
Age/Grade: 67.79% (162/4039). Bib #2648.

Official Splits
5K: 20:00 (6:27 min/mile)
10K: 40:13 (6:29 min/mile)
9.2Mi: 59:03 (6:26 min/mile) — why isn’t this 9.3Mi for a 15K?

The following is an unfinished draft because I need a nap RIGHT NOW.

# November 2016

I’m often asked how long I’ve been running. These days, only one answer comes to mind: one year. Yes, I ran cross-country for a couple years in high school. And, in a way, I’ve always been running, like anyone else willing to go outside and move.

But one event stands out in my mind: the 2016 Berkeley Half.

That Half sucked. I was unprepared. I arrived late. It rained. After Mile 10, my heart was pounding at over 180 beats per minute, but 8.5-minute miles of light-headed willpower were all I could muster. By Mile 12, I was clinging to 9-minute miles.

I felt close to death at the finish line. Everything hurt. Even so, I walked home alone in the downpour savoring a new PR and made myself a promise. In 2017, I’d run the Berkeley Half faster than 1:43:39 (7:55 min/mile).

# The 5th Annual Berkeley Half Marathon

Today, I ran a 1:25:55 (6:34 min/mile).

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