Journal: Thursday, May 14, 2020

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Quarantine Day 58. If I weren’t writing a journal entry about this day, I’d probably never remember this day happened.

That’s the beauty of keeping a journal, I guess. They’re written snapshots of a frame of mind. Interestingly, one memory I have from high school — or rather, leaving high school to go to college — was giving advice to a friend I was leaving behind (I don’t quite remember who it is anymore). The advice was to keep a journal.

I know I gave that advice because there was so much that happened in high school that I hadn’t written down. I knew that, in time, I’d forget all of it. Or most of it.

In two years, I’ll be twice the age of when I graduated high school. I’m sure most of my peers today would agree that almost everything that we thought was so important in high school, really wasn’t. Still, I sometimes wonder: what did I think was so important, back then, that one of my parting pieces of advice was to write that stuff down?

It’s funny because I know that in many years’ time, I’ll probably wonder: what was I like during this world-shattering time? I’ll read these sentences and be reminded all over again of my time in youth — in high school. And at age 30. I wonder what I’ll think? Will ideas, desires, people, bucket list items important to me now be important to the me in the future…?

I’m thinking a lot about these things now because I almost have too much time (despite my never-ending to-do list). I noted in a previous entry that there’s a certain monotonous cycle to each day. I’ve realized that a lot of my motivation in normal times to attend events, see people, and go to new places is really an attempt to break that monotony.

That’s kind of what today was like. I basically worked all day, alone at home. I had no work meetings (by design). So I had to schedule meetings to have some social, albeit virtual, contact. Today, that contact was through (1) the Insight AI SV.20B Technical Advisor kickoff, and (2) an online backpacking class through the Outdoor Adventure Club.

I don’t think I’ll go into more detail about those here. But suffice it to say that I’m glad I attended both — especially the backpacking class. I’ll explain another time…

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