Healthcare Services Finder

Sunday, October 18th, 2020: I originally wrote this webapp over 10 years ago, as an undergraduate officer of APA Health CARE, at UCLA. I maintained and improved it during my masters at the UCLA School of Public Health. I wrote this webapp at the time because no other webapps could allow volunteers and members of the public to filter healthcare providers by

  1. non-profit or community clinic status; and
  2. language (including all major Asian languages spoken in California).

I deprecated this utility a few years ago, after I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to start a new job. Then, after the platform it was based on (Google Fusion Tables) was deprecated, I had no time to rewrite it from scratch.

I’m still interested in this project, but can only make time for it if it’ll be used. Please drop me a message via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn (or even Strava) if there’s interest (and what features you’d like to see).